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Out of Africa

The art of Malian storyteller, author, and children’s book illustrator, Baba Wagué Diakité.

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Picture Books… À la Française!

Illustration of a lion in a french cafe, from Breatrice Alemagna's picture book "Un Lion à Paris"

With one foot still planted in Paris (and a typing hand newly transplanted to New York!),  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately… about childrens’ literature in general and about French picture books in particular. Vive la différence!

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Picture Books to ‘Grow Into’

The strongest and most vibrant picture book is the one that stays on our shelves, defying time and transcending age.  It is an enduring work that begs to be “grown into”, reread and re-interpreted as time passes, as the best picture books often are.

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