Rhyme, Rhythm & Reason-Rouser ... !

Street Sm(Art) in Harlem

Or, “Education and Art in the Open”.*

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Putting on Tap Shoes …

Honorary mention award - Writer's digest 85th annual writing competition

Writers are notoriously withdrawn and even shy. The idea of having to ‘put yourself out there’ can be tantamount to having to tap dance in front of a firing squad.

– Author Billy Coffey*

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Out of Africa

The art of Malian storyteller, author, and children’s book illustrator, Baba Wagué Diakité.

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When Streets Become an ‘Open Book’…

Street art Nelson Rivas aka Cekis, For the love of books

Art and literacy activism: With a spray can, some wheat paste and a ‘classic’ or two, street artists ‘read between the lines’!
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Picture Books… À la Française!

Illustration of a lion in a french cafe, from Breatrice Alemagna's picture book "Un Lion à Paris"

With one foot still planted in Paris (and a typing hand newly transplanted to New York!),  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately… about childrens’ literature in general and about French picture books in particular. Vive la différence!

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Concepts kids can ‘rap’ their heads around …

Street art of a rapping rat by Banski

Or, The Sound of ‘Science-dropping’! *

Setting my bags down in NYC after living years upon years in France, where kids swirl and sip science like a good Bordeaux, I was eager, upon arrival, to do a kind of local taste-tour myself.

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Laughing ‘Matter’: Science, by any Means!

The giggle-worthy can be a gateway to exploring, early on, all the ‘science stuff’ that captivates and stimulates, amuses and bemuses kids!

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Lip-smacking, ‘Lickswishy’ Words for Children …

… Or,  From Bandersnatch to Boson, words that kids can bite into!

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Picture Books to ‘Grow Into’

The strongest and most vibrant picture book is the one that stays on our shelves, defying time and transcending age.  It is an enduring work that begs to be “grown into”, reread and re-interpreted as time passes, as the best picture books often are.

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Giving Rhyme to Reason

Combinations of ideas that would probably never occur to us may be easily suggested by a given rhyme.”       – [Henry Lanz, The Physical Basis of Rhyme]

And so, my own attempts to interweave ideas, even the most rational, researched, and scientific ideas, through the most unlikely of mediums: rhyming verse.

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